Sunday, November 15, 2009

Funny things heard about myself

Over the years, I've heard some funny things about myself.

Even Steve Marsh can't do that

Just because you can do it doesn't mean it is possible.

I'm Steve Marsh, but I'm not the real Steve Marsh.

The first was when I was going through documents with some other attorneys. All that mattered was whether or not one of six boxes was checked in the wrong position. If it was, the document needed to be pulled, regardless of what it said. The other guy was reading each document. Once I explained to him how I was going so fast ...

The third was another RPG designer, giving an address to a group. He's very good, anything I've done, he probably could have done, but he wanted to make sure they did not give him credit for my work (which was earlier). I wish I had saved it when I ran across it on the internet. Funny thing is that we both go by Stephen, and get called Steve.

But the second to last has given me thought. There are things, that just because they have happened, or just because they can be done, does not mean that they are possible -- they should be treated as anomalies rather than as guides or examples for someone else. We were talking RPG design, but the rule applies in many ways to many things.

Now that I'm in my fifties, there are things I could do in my twenties that I can't do, and that are not possible for me to do, which seems so strange, since there are so many things I do so much better.

I'll do a better post on this later, but I've been thinking about it, how just because things have happened doesn't mean that they are possible enough to be part of our expectations, goals or plans.

It is a sobering thought, at times.

Realized that what had gotten to me was being at Stake Priesthood Meeting without my dad. Finally came to the surface how much I miss him, again.


adamf said...

Interesting process... I often seem to mourn when I can no longer do something I could in the past, while at the same time celebrating things that I can do now that I couldn't do then... life changes, I suppose, in equal parts good and bad... does it all add up to exactly where we started but with a different skill set? ;)

Stephen said...

That's a thought. Realized I was really mourning my father today, and hiding from it, even in this post.