Sunday, November 08, 2009

Freedom and Honesty

I was reading and I came across the following, years ago, and then again recently.

We need complete freedom to express our honest feelings [to God]


Freedom is an essential factor in the healing process because recovery is based on the practice of honest with ourselves and with [God].

It strikes me that in all types of recovery, freedom and honesty, that is, the freedom to be honest with ourselves and with God, rather than to be bound up or hidden, is important. So that our sorrow, our anger, our fear and our pain can, and should be acknowledged with ourselves and with God.


Keri Brooks said...

This is profound, and I've found it to be true in my life. When I allowed myself to be honest with myself and with God about what I wanted in life (as opposed to what I thought I was supposed to want), I felt like I had been freed. My relationship with God improved, and my relationship with those around me improved as well.

Oddly enough, by giving myself permission to acknowledge the areas where I was unhappy, I was better able to become truly happy.

Anonymous said...

Great post, and I've been struck by the same truth in life.

I was in a situation where I had a relationship with someone who constantly lied. When I found out the truth, it was hard, but I was able to go to the Lord and be healed because I was willing to be honest with Him and with myself.

On the other hand, the other party in this relationship was so used to lying, he wasn't even able to come to grips with the truth - and it is funny because he was the one lying - so he knew what the truth was all along.

Even though it may hurt to be honest, it does, ultimately, lead to a better (and often easier) life.

Thanks for the post.