Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wanting less

Our office party this year ran under budget. People ate a good deal less than expected, my boss explained, as I got a refund.

Which led to our talking about the fact that we can all eat as much as we want, when we want, of pretty much what we want, without it affecting our budgets. One of the secretaries talked about how after her child's birthday they bundled up the gifts and took them to Goodwill, the child already had too much "stuff" and they knew that there were others who needed it more.

My birthday is the 19th. My youngest child's birthday is on the 21st. At her party (held to fit in her friend's schedules) parents had been told that their child coming was gift enough. We meant it. When asked by a Catholic secretary what I would like for Christmas, I suggested that she light a candle for me. I'm swamped with books that I'm excited about reading and I have more than enough.

Growing up, living in trailer parks, knowing hunger from time to time, I would never have thought that life would resolve has it has.

I want more of people, more of happy times with people, just less of things that distract. More memories, fewer souvenirs.

I wonder what other people want for Christmas, what their hearts truly need.


Mrs Andy said...

Hi, I usually lurk here, but this post really struck me. I can't convince my parents/family members to stop buying stuff more me and my husband at Christmas time, we're totally able to outfit and gift ourselves into happy oblivion. I'd like them all to spend that money to get out of debt, or donate it to the Perpetual Education or Missionary funds for the Church. And what my heart truly needs, is nothing money can buy.

Thanks for sharing this great perspective.

Anonymous said...

Well Said.

Matt W.