Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Dream Car

Well, my car is still in the shop, though I'm grateful they did not total it.

The guys from Progressive came to visit me at work, and I was asked if I had any complaints. I confessed that having the rental company put me in a Cadillac DTS was a bit excessive. As a luxobarge it is so big it doesn't fit in the garage (think of a car that is as big as a Suburban and bigger than a Tahoe). 12 mpg didn't really grab me either.

So now I'm in a rental company Altima. Not as quiet, no satellite radio, seats hard as a rock, and it fits in my garage, gets 30+ mpg (I've got to drive to East Texas a couple of times this coming week) and it got me thinking.

I like my Volvo, but if I got a new car what would it be? Another S60 (I'm not old enough for an S80 yet)? A Minicooper convertible? Then I realized that what I really wanted was a Honda Civic.

If cost wasn't important, if status markers didn't affect me (and, sadly, they do), I'd buy a Civic. I may anyway at some point.

Everyone has to have a dream car, and I have to admit, that is mine, at least this week.


maisnon said...

I have a Honda Civic - and absolutely love it!

Re: the status marker thing, I think I take a perverse pleasure in driving my Civic. An old friend, when he found out I'd purchased a new car, started laughing when I told him I bought a Civic. He said, "You haven't changed a bit - I was afraid that you would do the new law school grad thing and buy a Baby Beemer."

Stephen said...

Too many people's kids drive BMWs in this part of the world, though they are fine cars. I owned one before they were a marker of a lot of things that cause me not to own one now.

Unfortunately, some things rub off on clients and on how people treat cases and the law. Not to mention, I got the Volvo for less than a Honda Accord (which is what I was thinking of buying at the time).

I like it, but I find my heart going back to Civics. -- neat blog btw.