Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"genetically inferior" -- conclusively disproven

"The striking result we find is that there are no racial differences in mental functioning at age one, although a racial gap begins to emerge over the next few years of life."

In other words, the gap in test scores appears to be completely cultural and nurture over nature.

For the paper, visit here.

What strikes me about much of the racist pap I encounter is that it is very, very similar to the way women were portrayed a hundred years ago. People laughed at Brigham Young when he said women were as fit to be lawyers, accountants, politicians and doctors as men. He was derided for emphasizing the need to educate women. Yet now:

A phrase initially coined by the Economist, womenomics refers to the increasing purchasing and physical power of women on the economic and cultural front.

The number of women scientists has soared, there are more female graduates than male, girls outstrip boys at A-Level and even traditionally male markets are succumbing to female touch.

A recent Ofcom report found that women aged 25-35 now spend more time using the internet than men.

If you look at medical schools, they are dominated by women, many law schools are more than 50% female and in the bloggernacle the most famous PhD candidate in philosophy is female.

All of that stems from cultural changes and cultural inputs.

Of which, one of the most important cultural input may be religion: "youth with religiously active parents are less affected later in life by childhood disadvantage than youth whose parents did not frequently attend religious services."