Tuesday, October 09, 2007

If I were giving away books ....

I've often thought that I would like to give away books to BYU students. Kind of like a book of the year. Not the way the Honors Program somewhat did it (by assigning a book for everyone to read) but just by giving every student a book every year -- knowing full well that most would end up for sale on Amazon.com as used books.

What books would I give the students (books they might not otherwise read)?

Year One a book by Elgin
Year Two
Year Three
Year Four

I don't have the money to give books away like I would want to, but those are books I've been thinking of that teach lessons that people are just not going to learn from the usual books, the usual classes, the usual experiences.

What books would you like to have everyone have a chance to read?


Bookslinger said...

I've given out a few copies of the Book of Mormon in various languages.

Also Gospel Fundamentals in English and various other languages. The church translates that book before the Book of Mormon to a new language. So it's available in many languages for which there is no Book of Mormon yet.

I usually give out two copies at a time to people, one in their native language, and the English edition to go along with it, to make it bilingual or ESL material.

Stephen said...

That is an excellent idea. I've got someone who asked me for some ESL material.