Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Diet, etc.

Speaking of SLD and the Shangri-la Diet, I did have someone post and ask how I could state that the diet was boring. It is. I find a time, once a day, and drink two ounces of extra light olive oil. There is none of the stress, effort, willpower, thought or anything else that goes into a "normal" or "typical" diet. It is more like drinking a glass of water every day eventually becomes a routine that is boring to talk about.

Still, I've been down 70-75 pounds since June or July of last year. That is amazing and wonderful, but the diet itself is boring by now.

I also got a warning that one of my SLD links had given way to link rot. http://davidshangriladiet.blogspot.com/ -- David's Shangri-La Diet Saga -- has link rot in the worst way. I'm taking the link down and would advise you not to enter the url by hand.

I'd click on the "report" button, but the site forwards immediately and blocks that. If anyone knows how to report that sort of thing, I'd be grateful. Guess I can just kill the link, though it is a good reason not to just kill your blog -- people will take the url over for purposes like that. I thought it was bad enough when an LDS blog was replaced by a calling card advertisement. An autoforward to a porn site is a lot worse thing to have happen to your blog -- and pretty typical it seems for any blog that is taken down. Someone else signs up the url and uses it for advertising purposes.


chronicler said...

Stephen, I am glad you mentioned tgh elink rot thing. I have stumbled upon that through my bookmarks. I had thought about posting about it, but wasn't sure it was a recurring problem with blogs. Evidently it has become a problem. So if nothing else, if we move a blog, the old one should remain an archival copy I suppose. Any other suggestions would be great.

Tigersue said...

That is good to know for me. Since I run a blog roll, I need to check my links frequently to make sure they are all valid. Thanks for mentioning it.

Stephen said...

It is a serious problem. Do not just delete your blog on blogspot, etc., or spammers will "camp" it and old links will get a terrible surprise.