Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Comments on weight, Shangri-la, etc.

My weight remains stable. My SLD calories push it down, I eat a little junk food to push it up, it stays in equilibrium. I find that calcium is important, for whatever reason.

So, that has been a success, I still run up the stairs at work once a day or so just to celebrate being alive.

I still believe that most "standard" ways to lose weight are dangerous, misleading, and harmful.

I confess, I don't think about food, about the Shangril-la Diet, and about a lot of things much any more. They are just part of my life, a bland part, like breathing. I really hope that the same things will be true for more and more people. Being thin does not mean having the mandate of Heaven and is not proof of the grace of God. Being fat is not ugly and is not a sign of sin. It just is, and both states are either impossible to control by normal means or easy for some people to control with flavorless calories. But they have nothing to do with grace or sin or virtue.


Anonymous said...

Do you know the exact amount of calcium you're taking, and is it only through your diet or are you also taking some sort of calcium supplement? I recall that you eat a lot of yogurt but I can't stand the stuff.

I'm leaning towards trying a calcium supplement (I limit my dairy since I have a problem with lactose) and was just curious if you figured out an optimum amount to shoot for.

Not that I'm complaining about the weight loss so far (down 63 pounds) I'm just getting anxious to get to maintenance just for the satisfaction of having reach the goal.



Anonymous said...

I take a calcium supplement when I don't eat yogurt -- a pill each meal (a "standard" size, buy 'em in a large jar at Costco, pill).

Steve, using his daughter's computer, while she plays Math Blaster on his.

Paul said...

What do you understand as Shangri-La?