Thursday, April 20, 2006

Talking blogs with a reporter

I was talking with a reporter, the interview went over an hour, so we ranged a bit off-topic for about five-ten minutes at the end, when he asked me about LDS blogs.

I think Feminist Mormon Housewives made him wonder if the links were LDS blogs or not, or just what that meant. I have non-blog links (see my side bar), and they touch on my primary concerns, but I've got a lot of reciprocal links too. But yes, religion is a part of my life and my journey out of grief.

Though I'm aware of just how tenuous the connection to religion can be, and still work miracles in people's lives. That is why I've found the pragmatic God of AA to be so interesting. He is so similar, in many ways, to the God in the Book of Mormon as experienced by people who had little theological experience or background.

Anyway, there is a bloggernacle.


annegb said...

I've attended AA, but am more committed to Al-Anon because of my childhood in an alcoholic home and the way it's affected my attitudes and decisions. The steps are the same, a slightly different approach. I honestly found God in these programs after 23 years of activity in the church.

I find the Mormon "God" to be rather unkind, arbitrary, and constantly scorekeeping. I often find myself arguing in a meeting about God's love and grace vs. the doctrine of justice, works.

Then I will hear "program (AA)" talk in general conference, as the authorities talk about God's will and goodness. I think somehow we as a people pervert the message and hear something completely different than we're intended to.

I appreciate your bringing up AA and the 12 steps occasionally.

Stephen said...

I've started reading the Church's 12 step program manual (available free on the web) and am really enjoying it.

I think that there is a difference between the LDS (Church) concept of God and the cultural mormon concept, at times, which varies from place to place.

Stephen said...

Oh, and it was neat to have someone from the San Francisco Chronicle reading my blog ....

annegb said...

Yeah, that's cool.

I think I've lived here so long I don't know for sure what's what.