Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Things are not always what you expect.

It is not what you expect, to get in touch with your feelings. Severe grief explodes emotions out of control, but out of touch as well. So many other things can also submerge your feelings: food, spots, work and the grind of day to day. But they come back.

To get in touch with your feelings again can be a shock. you will find:
  • Feelings are stronger and more intense than you remember [and you have to learn to deal with emotions all over again as if you were a child]
  • The feelings you have are not the ones you expect [nor will they be the same emotions day after day]
  • Feelings are not facts [feeling worthless does not mean you are worthless; anger does not mean the other person has done wrong]
  • Feelings can be nurtured, guided and shaped ["...bridle all your passions, that ye may be filled with love ..." is more than just dicta in the scripture]

Regaining feelings is like stepping out of a cave into noon-day light: intense, starling, blinding and confusing. Many people step into disaster, others hide back in the darkness. But, with understanding, you can come back safely into the light, living a life more vivid than it was before, and more rewarding.

If you have lost touch with your feelings and find them returning, regardless of the cause, it is my hope that keeping these four points in mind will help you succeed in the transition.


Anonymous said...

I sent you an email yesterday. I hope that I had your email right as I went by memory.

I do hope this finds you doing okay. Rember that life is full of peaks and valleys. For someone with severe depression, the valleys can seem very low and very long. You have known good days in the past and they can come again. No matter how desperate you feel, where there is breathe there is hope. And the thought of your taking your own breathe away scares me so much. As I have said, suicidal ideaology may seem romantic, but there is nothing romantic about it. It is a natural disaster and a lifelong traumatic shock to anybody who has ever cared about you.

Some people say that their life has been Hell. I say that by the very defination of Hell that is an unlogical usage of the word. Hell never ends. Hell is suffering forever. We have reprieves from suffering in this life. We have good times and joy. Even lifelong afflictions are often tempered by blessings of another type. I know that I have many things to compensate for my afflictions or painful life experiences. If we live right and have faith and live our days out until God calls us home, we can have an end of our suffering. We can know eternal peace. Sending you sisterly love!

Anonymous said...

Ethesis, I am sorry but the above post by me was the email equivalent of the wrong number. Have you ever reached for something on a shelf and reached for something else? Well, I use links to get to a friend named Jame's blog to leave him messages. Your blog is one of the blogs that I link to get there and evidently the mind played a trick on me, and I was thinking that I was there. I really think your post is important would help those who deal with such emotions. Feel free to delete my comments, which obviously were not meant for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think I figured out what I probably did. I probably clicked here on ethesis and then on Piebolar and then instead of clicking on my friend Jame's blog from Piebolar, I probably hit Piebolar's link to ethesis as I am so used to hitting the link to ethesis from M*. I think your coloring is the same. My friend has been on sabattical for some weeks, but I send emails and sometimes comment there so I did not read his post as it is old. I just linked right on the comments and went from there with the above results. Well, you can delete all this. I am just trying to show that I may not be as crazy as I seem. Sometimes there are logical explanations for things that are seemingly bizarre! Take care!

Stephen said...

No problem anonymous, no problem.