Tuesday, April 25, 2006

50 pounds lost so far

As of this morning I was down about fifty pounds, still down forty-nine after breakfast. I'm probably using less willpower and taking less effort than any "diet" on this method. [editorial note, each week I lose about a pound, so May 13, I'm down 54 pounds].

Seth's book at Amazon.com explains it, but unlike most diets, all it took was five dollars of extra-light olive oil from Costco. No expensive food plans, no hard to find items, no real disruption of my routine. His on-line forums are at http://boards.sethroberts.net/. He also has a blog at http://blog.sethroberts.net/.

What I find very interesting about the diet (or method as some people refer to it) is that my metabolism never shuts down, I'm not fighting with myself, and it is easy, rather than hard. Where I used to eat some donuts, be full and look around for more, now I look at the donuts and just don't feel like eating them. Instead of eating a slice of pizza and waiting until everyone leaves so I can finish the rest of the box, I lose interest in eating more.

I do have to deal with all the emotion I had submerged under the food. I've had to pay attention, because things catch me unaware, especially grief and anger related issues (though my secretary hasn't noticed), and in my case I'm lucky in that most of the hidden emotions were happy ones that had snuck up on me unawares.

This is probably my last straight out diet or weight loss related post. Bottom line, I don't believe in diets, I think most of them are fraudulent and the authors know or should know what they are doing. This is different.

This approach worked -- differently from anything else I every tried -- and I think that it would work for others, especially when paired with the right kind of support and realization. But none of it was me, none of it was willpower or virtue, none of it is something I can take credit for, the only thing I can do is say thanks.

If you want just the food plan version (where you eat only food you prepare yourself, every meal different), a way to do that is: Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats--A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners (A 30-Minute Meal Cookbook). I would not take that approach until I was well into the diet, but that sort of cook-book makes a great follow-up. Get Seth's book first and follow it diligently for a couple of months, then explore and experiment.

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean there won't be updates or does it mean that you'll weave them in with other posts?

Congrats on the success so far, both with the method and in dealing with the emotions.

Stephen said...

I'll probably weave them in with other posts. I just feel like I've blogged enough about the diet.

It is neat, but it is kind of boring. I lose weight, rinse and repeat. No willpower, no struggle, no real effort.

I deal with life, but that isn't the diet, that's life.

Anonymous said...

Seth's website (different url than the forums) is at: http://sethroberts.net/index.html

Anonymous said...

In two or three years, it's 98% likely that you'll be fatter than when you started.

Any weight "loss" is meaningless statistically until it's been maintained for over five years (which only that 2% of people do.) (And, you aren't one of them.)

Please, stop presuming to condemn fat people and to push your obsessive, baseless "solutions" when all you've done is endanger your health. The only thing you're losing is your dignity.

Stephen said...

Kell, I'm not condeming anyone who is fat.

As for endangering my health, my muscle mass is preserved, my strength improves, my triglycerides and other levels are great and my blood pressure is down.

You are right that I have not maintained any loss for any significant period of time, I've only been doing this since November.

Tell you what, lets check in two years. If I'm over 240 then, I'll apologize. If I'm under 200 then, you apologize. Fair?

But by no means do I condemn fat people. There is no moral choice involved in being fat any more than there is in being short or poor or white or any other accident of birth.

You've got me confused with someone else there.

Stephen said...

Of course my weight gain, which you know from visiting this site, at least sixty pounds of it, was directly tied to the deaths of my three children, twenty pounds a funeral.

I expressly reject any effort to put a moral connotation to that, implied or otherwise, or to conclude that I condemn other parents who have similar experiences.

Anonymous said...

....Amen Trish!!!
Continued good health to you Stephen and best of luck!

N.F. said...

So, am I missing--or have I just not stumbled across it yet on your blog--what do you do on this seth diet thing?

Anonymous said...

More posts and links on the Shangri-la diet.

My review of the book.

My latest post on the diet.

Who I am, Why I blog, the Shangri-la Diet and Me

What I eat on the Shangri-la Diet

Those posts are in the blog.

Robyn said...

Stephen, I'm giving it a try. Along with my husband. He's a clinical social worker that has dealt with the deaths of 1500+ people and their families for the past 10+ years. The stress has added about 150 pounds to his frame. He and I need a break from this insanity and the SLD seems to be the answer. He has been on it for two weeks and Saturday had to tighten his belt one notch for the first time in five years. I am blogging it at foodchronicles.blogspot.com as you have noticed.
Thank you for getting me pointed in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Prefer the Shangri_la method over diet, because it is not a diet, but the best thing I have ever tried for weight loss. I have been on the oil for about a month, and have dropped 20 lbs, almost without trying. Have found that one hotdog with bun and a little sourkrout, is a lunch that will hold me great until supper. That sure beats half a pizza, or super size resturant lunch.
I really don't understand why it works, but the oil, just a tbs in morning around 10, and tbs around 3 in afternoon, works great for me.
I bought the book, and refer to it now and then. It has some great ideas on fostering weight loss.

I used Dr. prescribed medication,(now commonly known as speed) along with 1000 cal a day diet, to lose over a hundred lbs, thirty years ago. I gained it all back within 10 yrs, and just thought my 5'2" body was meant to weigh 250 lbs. I read about this program in Woman's World, and thought, it isn't going to hurt anything, just may help. I was into it for about 3 days, when my husband wanted to go to a charity banquet, I loved the caterers food, so heartly agreed to go. Filled my plate like I would have the week before, and it all tasted so good, but I could only eat less than half what I had served myself. I had fully planned on treating myself, but even gave hubby my dessert, I knew then that this program was for me.

I have been tracking calories, just for the fun of it, not because it is needed, and have found I am comsuming around 1100 per day, and it hurts even less than when I was on the diet medication, and I sleep great too.