Sunday, October 16, 2005

One thing I really admired about Roark, besides his choice of wife, was the grace, love and kindness he showed his mother.

Too often families fail to follow God's advice to honor the relationship. I was glad to see that he did.

Too often grief and loss only feeds the divisions we feel rather than causing us to heal them. That is why so many couples divorce when a child dies, instead of surviving together.


I've probably blogged more than enough about Roark. I'll respect his privacy to the rest. Much like I do with my co-workers (I like them, I like my job, I've had a great year, but nothing there fits within the scope of why I am posting) or my ward (other than the fact that everyone in our congregation likes our bishop -- which is a little unusual -- there isn't much to say about going to Church that is different for us than anyone else) there is little that fits within the scope of grief, loss and recovery that touches any of those parts of my life.


Lisa M. said...


Welcome back.

I have been contemplating relationships and how they survive, flourish and develope or how they crumble in the face of heartache and pain.

It is nice to read a few of your thoughts.

I have so much I could many things I feel and think. I don't consider a "comment" to be the right venue though.

Perhaps one day, I will be brave enough to say...

Stephen said...


You would be more than welcome to do a guest post here if you would like.


Anonymous said...

I have also been considering why some hardships cause some people to become bitter and others to humble themselves and go back to God.

annegb said...

When my son first died, I was so mad at God. I yelled and cussed and screamed at Him. I said, "I want to talk to my son and I want to talk to him right now." Then I waited. When he didn't show up, I cussed some more.

It took fourteen years, but I started being nice to God lately. I forgave Him. Well, it started about twelve years after James died. I started realizing I needed to use my tragedy to help others.

But you know, I had to heal first. I couldn't just say, "yeah, God is a jerk, huh?" It takes as long as it takes.

Lisa M. said...

Its a good thing God is as "undertanding" as he is.

Steve- I would love too.