Saturday, October 01, 2005

I have a guest post at Millennial Star: What do Prophets Teach Us.

I hope people like it.


Stephen said...

In 1575 Kochanowski married Dorota Podlodowska, settled in his country estate in Czarnolas, and devoted himself to poetry. This most happy and productive period of his life was interrupted in 1579 by the death of his daughter Orszula (Ursula) and soon after of her sister Hanna. Five years later, at the age of fifty four, Kochanowski died suddenly in Lublin and was buried in Zwoleń.

NFlanders said...

Congratulations. I missed it when it came out because the for some reason, the LDSBlogs page doesn't show the author for T&S and M* entries. If I had seen your name at M*, I definitely would have checked it out.

annegb said...

I'm headed over, Stephen.

Yesterday was fourteen years since James' death. Those two words just strike me in the stomach. Bill, my husband, of course, as usual, doesn't remember.

My friend did, though.

I am on the cusp of something very life changing.