Sunday, July 17, 2005

As I've mentioned, negotiation and mediation are professional interests of mine.

Stu's an author of hundreds of comics, has decided to let bloggers use them, subject to specific rules.

For the terms, see volokh archived comment

Thought that was neat.

Otherwise, visited Wichita Falls, where we used to live, went by all of our old houses and apartments, visited friends, spent time where the girls are buried, was grateful to Alison for caring for their tombstones. Read Harry Potter (can't believe I let my oldest talk me into taking her down to wait in line. She wanted to wait in line and wanted company. Then we got up at six o'clock the next morning for the visit to Wichita Falls).

Missed some people (they weren't in/around) took others out to lunch, got home in time to sleep.

I meant to write a post about why I have this blog, but decided that will wait.


Stephen said...

We lived in Wichita Falls in the Park Place Apartments when we first got to town, then moved to Henrietta to buy a house (we were able to back out of that when the house had foundation problems), then we rented a tiny house, then a real house, then bought a house and then moved to Plano.

Lots of friends. Lots of people we missed.

A lot that we missed. But we will go back.

Stephen said...

Great negotiation dialog:

My own inquiries confirmed that. Over lunch, one of the top women in my field told me about her experience switching jobs just a couple of years ago, when she was already famous and hotly recruited. She described her first meeting with her new department chairman this way:

The chair said, 'We're giving you this much in start-up."

She said, "Great!"

He said, "And we'll give you a postdoctoral student."

She said, "Great!"

He said, "And we'll pay your summer salary for two years."

She said, "Great!"

He said, "You're not very good at this, are you?"

Unknown said...

Stephen, thank you for leaving a comment on one of my blogs. I must tell you that I am exmo. my experiences wiht the church particularly after the death of my husband brove me away, and things were said to me which mean I would never go back.