Friday, April 20, 2018

Selling off a now extra tent.

Same tent I have listed at Gear Trade, discounted since if I sell direct it will have only the 3% PayPal charge.  $275.00 + $30 shipping and handling.

weight 2lb 11 ounces. Fabric Fly: 10D Nylon Ripstop 1200mm PU/SIL Fabric Canopy: 15D Nylon Knit Mesh Fabric Tent Floor: 40D Nylon Ripstop 1500mm PU Tent Capacity: 3 (2+ really) Number of Poles: 1 Number of Doors: 1 Number of Vestibules: 1 Height

Interior: 39 in / 99 cm Tent Floor Area: 39 sq ft / 3.6 sq m Tent Vestibule Area: 8 sq ft / 0.7 sq m

(I'm cribbing the description from an on-line one).

Used for three nights (including one in back yard) with a polycro footprint. Some of the original tent pegs replaced with titanium pegs (it will come with the titanium replacement pegs for the replaced pegs). We've moved to a 28 sq ft tent that is lighter now that my wife has decided that she prefers to sleep with zip together sleeping bags rather than quilts for the alternative listing with more pictures, etc.

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