Sunday, July 24, 2016

Getting Involved
Wondering how to get involved? These resources can help you and your family find opportunities to lift and serve within your community.
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Five Ways to Get Started:
·         Get informed about the needs in your community
·         Volunteer with an organization you admire
·         Make a new friend
·         Do something you enjoy with someone new
·         Invite someone to your family night

Seven Challenges Refugees Face:
·         Learning a new language
·         Building a new support network of friends
·         Understanding different cultural customs and practices
·         Providing the appropriate academic support for their children
·         Accessing basic services, such as medical care
·         Finding transportation
·         Securing employment
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Local Organizations That Might Need Volunteers:
·         Government resettlement agencies
·         Schools
·         Religious places of worship
·         Interfaith groups
·         Low-income health clinics
·         Local nonprofits
·         Community centers
In the United States, members can call 2-1-1 to learn about opportunities to serve refugees in their communities. Outside the United States, leaders can contact their area welfare manager for help in identifying trusted organizations in their area.

Five Questions to Ask When Identifying Potential Organizations:
·         Whom do you help?
·         How are you helping them?
·         What needs would you like to address but aren’t able to?
·         Beyond financial contributions, how can I help?
·         How do the services you offer help people to eventually meet their own needs?
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LDS Charities is the humanitarian arm of the Church. In 2015, LDS Charities completed 2,300 projects in 136 countries that provided aid with disaster relief, clean water and sanitation, wheelchairs, maternal and newborn care, immunization campaigns, vision care, and family gardening.
Did you know that in addition to supporting local organizations, the Church partners with global relief organizations that assist refugees, such as:
·         Adventist Development and Relief Agency(ADRA)
·         Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
·         International Medical Corps (IMC)
·         International Rescue Committee (IRC)
·         United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund(UNICEF)

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