Sunday, January 27, 2013

"This conspiracy of silence was partially my fault because, as is typical and understandable of those battling with the huge physiological and psychological demands of acute grief, I simply did not have it in me to coach others on how to reach me."

Well said.  It is a country where none of us have been, and no one knows the customs.   It leads to a conspiracy of silence because no one knows how to lead the way.

That is from a blog that has a huge number of comments and followers, a huge audience, and deserves it.

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bkbsmiles said...

I know that we may be inept and may lack the right words and may even say platitudes but even if a person has built walls, I think we should try to at least reach out. It is hard when a person is inconsolable and you have never had a loss. The quote is pretty insightful. Barb