Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On Compassion

how do we have compassion without condescension?

You know, when I saw the title of the post, the first thing I though to of was having kindness rather than being judgmental, responding to people with love and patience rather than hostility.

 I ran across a discussion about not offending, and bruising and I realized that  
I have found in my own life that if I bruise someone to make a point, the point I have made is that I have bruised someone. I spend a lot of time persuading people in my day job. Bruising them does not seem to help. 
  I also realized that what I regret the most about everything I've done on-line is the times I've bruised people. But yes, by the end of the post and the comments I found I just wanted to mourn with those who mourn. Compassion? I'm not sure where it fits in, but caring for and loving people, that makes sense to me.

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Howard said...

How do we have compassion without condescension? Through namaste; the divinity in me bows to the divinity in you.

bkbsmiles said...

I so agree, Stephen. And being kind makes all the difference. Thank you!