Tuesday, May 03, 2011

What about .... reflecting on a fallen world

Christ often remarked on commandments and rules that existed because of the weakness of the people and that reflected not the eternal world, but instead the cultural and social failings of the people.  On divorce, mocking others, tithing, charity and a number of other topics he had cause to address those types of commandments.

First, he would affirm that the commandment was of God.

Second, he would state that it did not reflect a positive comment on the people it was given to, a license for sin, or special privilege.

Third, he would tell them about the higher law they should be reaching for, should be obeying, should have drawn their hearts to.

I would suggest that every time we think of a commandment, ritual, or other situation as being a result of our weakness (or that of those who have come before us) and the fallen nature of the world and the shortcomings of the context that existed, we ask ourselves what would Christ do?

Would he say that those explanations justify rejecting the revelation of God?  No.  He expressly did not do that.

Would he say that the commandment colored by the state of those who received it justified not transcending the fallen world?  Again, no.  He expressly stated that the commandment was a floor, not a ceiling.

Would he say that holiness is found in the old commandment or the higher law?

You know the answer.

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