Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Our photographer, misc. updates, links.

has a blog ... http://yes-i-ka.blogspot.com/2010/11/m-family.html

We were very pleased with her work, and the pricing is the best I've encountered in a long while.

And someone, bless their hearts, blogged about me:


Also, pictures of Krista Oakes and her family about a month before she died.  She was so filled with life:



Anonymous said...
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Stephen said...

You do need to realize that your stalking of me has gotten a little unhealthy. I know, I've been told by friends I should feel flattered, that trolls are a part of success and a status marker, but it seems like a waste of your time.

Spending twenty two minutes on my blog when you are serving a mission in Brazil is really a waste of your time.

/Sigh. You know, many people who have been abused turn into abusers themselves, fixiating on others and then stalking them. It really is not healthy. Ask your brother if he would really approve of your obsession.

Stephen said...

Seriously, ask your brother what he thinks of his sister's posts. Is he proud of you? Does he appreciate what you are doing? Does he think it is a good use of your time?

a big, stumbling, stupid gorilla. Shame is not in your perception. Pity. Not sure if I should pity the fate of the gods, not in your advantage, or just call it the flip of the coin.

I know, you are losing the use of the English language, but seriously?