Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Glee, Christmas Memories, thoughts

We watched Glee as a family this week (the retelling of the Dr. Seuss story episode).  Most television I've watched this month. Part of it was the "hero" of the show talking about how early memories of Christmas ruin the future for us by creating so much magic and wonder that nothing can ever again reach that benchmark.

It made me think, though, how for some people, the first Christmas they remember might be so bad, nothing can ever fall short of the benchmark it sets.  All Christmases are better, not worse, often far better.

Which is why I feel so bad for my oldest daughter. The first Christmas she remembers is the one Jessica got sick over, the second, the one where Courtney died on December 26.  Makes this time of year hard to live down, but in a very different way from someone always striving to regain the magic of childhood.

Heather has been a trouper, though.  When no one else was up to a Christmas tree, she had one in her room, decorated with ornaments made from foil candy wrappers and the help of our babysitter. She is a great kid, and I wish her better memories for the future, each and every year.

As for Rachel, I'm not sure we will ever top this year, I don't expect to ever buy her a first pony or anything like that for the future.


Anonymous said...

Makes me think of my husband. He had an unhappy childhood (many older half-siblings who mostly lived elsewhere, parents eventually divorced). He is constantly shocked that having a family brings him joy. Every year he comments that his birthday was awesome. He can't believe that being a husband and father is fun and rewarding.
I, however, expect family life to bring joy so it is the difficult stuff that surprises me and I have to work through it.
I'm sorry for your daughters and the difficult Christmases past. I'm sure there will be many more good ones.

Stephen said...

Oh yes, we have had many wonderful Christmases. This year is one.