Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saw Disney's Tangled, really enjoyed it.

Of course I have blond haired baby girls my heart cries out for, but it was a good movie.  A very good movie, even better in 3D.  I even filled out the survey they gave us, but only because the movie was so good.

Of course the reasons I went to see the movie were (a) Heather wanted to see it, (b) The Dallas Morning News gave it an A, (c) we needed a family activity tonight.  It is so good to have family together at this time, but it makes me miss those who are not here so much more.


Anonymous said...

I saw it yesterday. I liked it too--and I usually skip the kid movies and let my husband take them (or have him watch them on DVD with the kids while I do something more interesting like doing the dishes).

adamf said...

Just saw it today. I did like that the male lead wasn't A)a jock, or B)a knight, and the princess had to do some rescuing for the both of them from time to time.