Thursday, September 30, 2010

What Happened at Mormon Matters?

Well, I just discovered I'm no longer a permablogger there (I was trying to log on for my usual Thursday post).  Guess that means I'm going with Hawk wherever the rest have flown to.

Links that kind of explain what happened while I was busy with personal problems, work (federal court in Tyler) and a cut cable internet connection ...
Ok, that last post had nothing to do with Mormon Matters, but was pretty funny.

Honestly, I think a lot of the reporting seems to miss a lot.  Most of what I read in the e-mails I finally caught up on was very positive about John.  If people are praising him behind his back, well, anyway, that is what I've found on-line about it all.

On the other hand, is something John has been looking at doing for 8-12 months.  I would believe that it fits his needs and ideas more than the way the blog was currently going and that everyone moved on in ways that fit them, or did not.

Wish John well. Though I felt, for a while, that I had failed everyone by not being available and not doing something to facilitate matters better.  Which is why I originally was going to post this as "What happened at Mormon Matters was my fault."  But now it looks like everyone is happy, everything resolved in ways that leaves people content.  I can't claim credit for that, so I guess I can't claim fault.

I'd appreciate suggestions, advice and comments.

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