Saturday, August 28, 2010

RIP John Tison

John was in a practice group with me in Wichita Falls.  He was 63 years old and used to come down once a year and stay with us while working at the Masters.  This year he wasn't feeling well, seemed like a touch of the flu, so he did not come down.  A month ago he contacted some judges and took himself off the referral lists.

He had some tests done because he seemed a little sickly and not recovering or snapping back.  They discovered mets cancer.  He was immediately scheduled to enter M.D. Anderson, which would have occurred Monday.  I attended his memorial this morning.

I need to share the story of how he heard we were digging in another french drain on our house in Wichita Falls and wanted me to hire his kids to handle it to teach them that they wanted to go to school and avoid lives of hard labor.  It was a success (and he tried to return the money I paid them).

So many memories.

I saw a lot of people that were dear to me, judges I respected and attorneys who I wish well.  One asked me why I left, I was honest.  We buried three children in four and a half years, just could not live there any more.

My wife remarked that everyone was older and they said the same about me (when I left, my hair was honey blond, now it is silver).

I also got asked about H. Deloyd Bailey, all I could suggest is the internet for those looking for him:
But it was good to see everyone, and to think about everyone I missed. I got the discussion back on track and we talked about John, who left us so suddenly, his love of his children, wife and Chinese food, his playing golf and all of his kindnesses.

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John's Announcement said...

John passed away on Sunday, Aug 22.

He was ill, but only for a short while. He had a blood clot in his leg
in April which moved to his lungs and needed attention. Over the summer
he was tired and went in for many tests but no diagnosis could be
reached. On August 13, he was diagnosed with cancer of some kind.
Son-John, Brian and Stephanie and their new daughter Eleanor, and Scott
and Emilee came to Wichita Falls to see him the next Friday and then
all of the kids and their spouses met up on Saturday in Ft. Worth when
Kaleen and Brent flew in. Kaleen and Brent then arrived in Wichita
Falls on Sunday. The hope was to get John down to the world-renown M.D.
Anderson Cancer Center in Houston this week for further tests, a
diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Without a specific diagnosis,
medicine could not help him and his body could not hold up. His
positive energy, care for others and sense of humor never failed him.

We are holding a celebratory gathering her on Saturday morning to
informally share stories about John. If any of you would like to e-mail
"John stories", we would be delighted to receive them at any time.