Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas Trees

We had a year that having a tree was too painful. But Heather needed a tree, so I bought a small tree (in a pot) at Albertsons and she had it in her room. She and Alison decorated it with ornaments they made from the gold foil Reese's Peanut Butter Cup seasonal candy. So we had a tree, without a tree in the front room.

Today we bought a tree and put it up in the front room. I was in charge of pruning away excess decorations. Then Rachel asked me which decorations were the most valuable. I pointed her to the ones Jessica made in the month before she died. Just Popsicle stick reindeer ornaments.

Suddenly it is too much for me, so I'm here. I'll be back in with them in a minute.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, Steve. Your blog inspires me to be a more involved, loving, and grateful parent.


Fuzzy Logic Flowers said...

I remember that Christmas. I turned one of my baby Barbie dolls into an angel for the top, cut a pair of these lacy white nylon socks to pieces to make her dress look just right, and glued my fingers together making paper chain garlands. know, I'm not sure Mom ever realized just what happened to those socks. I think she kept the remaining one in the laundry basket for a couple months, waiting for its match to turn up in the wash.

Well Dad, here's hoping this is a much more joyful Christmas.

Stephen said...

It should be a more joyful Christmas, we are so looking forward to it.

plaidspolitics said...

Thank you for making feel normal when I have to stop and walk away from what was always a joyful season before. Not that there isn't joy in it now, but there are just some things that really make it difficult. I think you might understand, even though I can't write what I mean. Thank you for the validation. And I hope you fared well through the Christmas season.