Monday, August 10, 2009

A sidenote, link to some beautiful art for example (the one I just bought).

On the left hand side of the page there are three buttons:

The first takes you to the home page. The second is a list of the prints available (not a link to print the list). The third will change names, it is the next print on the list. You can scroll through the prints by just clicking on that link over and over again. Oh, and I cheated on the links -- instead of Friends (the text on the page I've linked to) taking you to that print, it jumps to another one I really liked ;)

If more people read my blog, I'd probably have had second thoughts, since I expect I'll go back and buy that one too and I would want it to sell out before I get the chance ...

But just scrolling through the prints can enrich your day and make you smile, even if you don't buy one.

Suzette is a living saint, btw, one of the Elachi.


Thomas Parkin said...

"one of the Elachi"


Nice stuff. ~

Stephen said...

El = God; achi = messengers or those who act/speak empowered by.