Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Phishing Scam 877-364-2950

I got a text message asking me to call 877-364-2950. When I did, a "bank" wanted me to give them information to "reactivate" a credit card. Of course I don't have a card with that bank.

Reverse Look-up reflected that 877-364-2950 doesn't belong to anyone listed. It was another fraud scam.

I surely want to find a way to block text messages sent by e-mail addresses.

I'll note that it is a known issue for Sprint they just don't offer any tools to block text messages from people not in your address book.


Patrick said...

I also have sprint - got a text today asking me to call this same number from "Sterling Bank" - Never heard of them - I didn't call

Tina said...

I just received the same test claiming they are from Sterling Bank and that I need to call them IMMEDIATELY. Of course, I didn't because I don't have a credit card nor do I do any business with them. So I just googled the phone number and found this web-page. Thanks, guys. Now I know I'm not the only one.

adamf said...

What's really annoying to me with this is I don't have unlimited texts, and could be charged for receiving these spammers.

Drewser said...

I got a text on my Sprint phone that same day claiming to be Sterling Bank and saying to call that same number, and ignored it. Then today I had a message on my home phone, with a computerized voice claiming to be Sterling Bank and wanting me to call some 866 number.