Saturday, January 24, 2009

My house is for sale (at least through Monday)

At least that is the current news. We have one offer coming for the full asking price and another that would involve the full price and no commission payments. We will be looking them over Monday, with some others that we are told are pending. Since we had it listed for less than twenty-four hours when we started getting calls Saturday, that seems like it is moving quickly.

We also have a closing date, the completed inspection and the financing approved on the house we are buying.
Another step forward from linking our wounds and surviving to doing better.

So, for our wedding anniversary, I'm buying my wife a house and she is taking me to a karate work-out. She brought the idea up only about a week ago. Things are moving fast.

I'm even going to the Opera this week as well ( We need to get out more, and late in a run when there are lots of inexpensive seats is a great time sometimes.

If you are curious, go to for some pictures of the inside of our current house. Since we are in Texas, our house was less than the median house price in the United States. The one we are buying isn't that expensive either. I'm grateful. For many things, I'm grateful. I've a post on that topic coming up soon (it is written, I just need to type it).
Found the MLS listing on-line:

Hmm, they only added one picture, guess I should toss in a couple external pictures.

Here is one of the back yard, Rachel's fort and all, can't really see the landscaping. I'll note that the potted lime tree seems to hold its leaves better than the lemon tree.

From the front of the house:

The famous polydactyl cat on our back patio.

A different angle on the back yard (the squirrel proof bird feeder and the live oak tree we planted).

The front of our house.

A lot of good history in that house. A great neighborhood and ward.

Maybe I'll have to add a picture of the school down the way.


Papa D said...

I hope your house sells, Stephen - and I also hope my wife doesn't read about your gift. *grin*

Lucy said...

Looks perfect; why are you moving?

Stephen said...

I love the house, but there are some school related issues that will surface in a year and a half. We have a very small primary.

Lucy said...

It's past Monday. Do you know whether it sold yet?

Stephen said...

Marta, sorry I wasn't clearer. We had agreed to take the full price offer that was coming Monday and did. The inspection is coming this weekend.

We got two offers after that, one for more than full price that was also outside the agent contract (someone we had contacted before). We had to tell them no. Technically we could have taken that offer, but not in good faith.

Anonymous said...
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