Friday, December 05, 2008

One silly thing about having "too much" stuff

I don't want stuff for Christmas or my birthday. In a way it makes it harder to shop for me, but in a way it is easier -- all I really want is to see people and be happy with them. I can't say that is such a bad thing.

On a more serious note, I've been reading:

It has been fascinating.

A core message (other than breaking ADD into different types, based on brain scans) is that for those who have ADD that without help they can't control it, it isn't their fault, but that there is hope.

The brain scan categorizing of it is interesting, as is the fact that 30-40 minutes a day of vigorous exercise and taking a multivitamin can really help a lot of people. Oh, and that caffeine is bad for you. So was the correlating of different brain scan results to the vast differences in what types of medication and/or nutrition approaches work best (or are actually harmful) for which people.

Interesting material.


adamf said...

I had not seen this book before... maybe it would help some clients.

As for stuff, I need to get rid of some one mine.

L-D Sus said...

How have your requests for no gifts been received?

Giving gifts as a way of expressing love is a hard habit to break.

sojourner said...

i have the same question that L-D Sus has - this year i wanted people to donate money to the homeless shelter instead of giving me a gift and they got upset - they said i was ruining the pleasure they get from giving me a gift.

Papa D said...

Just food for thought:

Shouldn't gifts be about meeting needs and wants or the receiver - not about what the giver wants?

Stephen said...

Papa D -- gifts are a social entwinement, so they are more than one thing.

annegb said...

I actually went to his clinic last month. I think he might be able to help kids or adults with ADD, but I went there for depression and I don't feel what they offered was in any way substantive. Dr. Amen, I mean.

As far as "stuff" I can't get rid of my stuff, more comes! It multiplies exponentially. I looked around yesterday and I thought, "I'm a pack rat, how did I get all this stuff, I hate it." Then I took a nap.

BTW, Barb asked me to tell you her computer is down till she gets her taxes back.

Stephen said...

Anne, hope Barb is doing better and wish her the best.

As for Dr. Amen, if your depression is not related to ADD, I'm not sure he'd have any ideas or mental space for really helping you, he seems engrossed by ADD.

Wish you the best in finding help that fits your needs.