Saturday, September 06, 2008

Two new pictures

Thought I would include a picture of me the way I look at work and me the way I am on vacation when I've grown a beard for my wife.

Found my Rancho High School class of '73 page: and Class of 1973

I'd wondered what had happened to everyone.

Sad to see a lot of people I knew who are missing from the lists. Daniel Hollingsworth and others who were good sorts, very good sorts.

For Mtn Home I'm finding it harder -- as far as I can tell, I've visited the location and one other person visited looking for someone else (which creates a page for them). Classmates is such a vast wasteland of advertisements and empty shells. Class of 1973

There had been a web page with the class re-union photographs and such, but it seems to have gone down.


Ann said...

I think you look handsome both ways. I used to really dig beards, especially on guys with red hair, but as I've gotten older I prefer the clean-shaven look. DH grew a beard when he was in Africa for a month, and trimmed it back to a goatee almost immediately. After about six months I was done with his goatee.

Used to know a guy named Dan Hollingsworth, but I think he was older than you, because you are a little older than me and he was WAY older than me.

Stephen said...

The one I knew would be 53 right now, and was working for the U.S. Attorney General in Las Vegas last I heard. His dad was a bishop at one time in North Las Vegas.

He was a good guy, I've worried for him.