Saturday, March 22, 2008

What I learned on vacation

Well, that semis now tend to drive the speed limit (the result of GPS installation and remote monitoring) but tour buses don't ...

That my wife's Tahoe is much more stable than I thought with 55 mph cross-winds (after five hundred miles of driving in them I was relieved it wasn't worse) ...

Finally, some neat information about my favorite yogurt:
Appropriately, the Poseidon yogurt is a bit watery, we only eat Artemis yogurt (which I'm almost buying by the case each week) -- eat it straight, or kids eat it with sugar, the closest thing to it is cheesecake.

Yes, FAGE Total Yogurt is great, and can be eaten in the fat free version.

It was worth the trip, if all we did was help clean the apartment and take care of a child who had a bout with the flu. I understand why Heaven is family first and foremost.

I'm glad to be back, though we ended up with forty bags of lawn "stuff" for the mulching center.

It was a good vacation.