Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quick Notes, Off Topic/FIOS Internet

Best line in a blog "No Moussaka, No Peace"

Reminds me of a restaurant that wouldn't serve my brother Mark moussaka (remember, he is half Greek and he grew up on my mother's cooking, including her moussaka) claiming he wouldn't like it -- until he came in with my nephew Ben, who looks more Greek than Mark does (Mark Alexander -- come on, how more Greek can you get?), then they served him.

CompUSA is going out of business. 8 GB Ipod Nanos selling for $160 at the local one (my wife just bought me one for our anniversary). Sad to see them go (TigerDirect bought the trademark and the web site), but there are some interesting sales as they clear out all the inventory.

Interesting links around the blogs
By the way, I've got FIOS internet service and telephone service. Recently it has only been up about 60% of the time.

I don't know if anyone else has had problems like that.

I'd also note that if you use the database, it doesn't have any answers, if you use the mail it is hooked up to an AI or an help desk that is staffed by illiterates (they suggested that I check out on-line gaming in response to my questions) and the "call us" sends me to a diagnostics routine that hangs in firefox and causes IE 6 to suffer a runtime error and close.

It is fast, I can get BYU TV, but I do hope that they get the reliability for the rest of the package up. Over six months it has gone from 90% available (which isn't good) to about 60%. At least I rarely get home phone calls anymore, FIOS phone service being out so often kind of took care of that. Makes me glad of my cell phone.

Last comment. If you have the required wireless home network, all of the database and other "help" materials refers you to D-Link, none of it to the Actiontec MI424WR. Actiontec doesn't have a database, they want a $39.00 service call and the internal link to corrupts any saved passwords (if you use a service such as Firefox provides). Luckily, the WEP key for each server is printed on the bottom, so if the service call installed the box, changed the password, saved it after changing the WEP key and you want to add an additional system to your network, while the tutorials, etc. on the FIOS site will leave you stranded, just reset the box and use the WEP key on the bottom for everything.

I don't know how hard that would have been to put that on the help database at the FIOS site. Or why they actually made me disconnect all my D-Link equipment that I had when I switched over.

Just FYI.

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