Monday, May 14, 2007

ADR in India

I've not done any ADR in India, but I know some people who have.

Now, for those who have asked about programs in India:

From: Bobbi McAdoo []
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Hi Stephen,

Great to hear from you.

We (colleague Jim Coben and I) were in India for 3 weeks in February and March. We offered a Diploma Program in Dispute Resolution for 6 credits (Negotiation and Mediation classes) and about 1/2 dozen students are continuing in our London program this summer (arbitration certificate for 6 credits) and then using the combined 12 credits as 1/2 of our LL.M. for foreign lawyers...they will be here in St Paul in the Fall to complete the other 12 credits for the LL.M. It is really quite exciting and the students were so wonderful and engaged. Jim and I had the most terrific time with them. It is a nice way for the Indian students to get an affordable LL.M. from the United States with an obvious concentration (12 credits at least) in Dispute Resolution theory and practice. The other 12 credits includes International Law (and something else I am forgetting here at home!) and a possible mini concentration in IP.

That "we" is Bobby McAdoo and Jim Coben -- not anyone and Steve Marsh. Anyone with questions about ADR in India I'd direct to Bobby McAdoo or Jim Coben at

Hope that answers the question that amita had.

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