Sunday, September 10, 2006

Looking for Billy Joe Allgood

That is the history I have for him. Twenty-two years ago, he and Bob Smith introduced my wife and I to each other. If anyone knows where he is now, or has a phone number, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.


Stephen said...

And if anyone has seen Bob Smith ... He would be almost fifty, last I saw him he had remarried, about 5'5" or so, worked in the artificial/industrial diamond plant in the Orem/Provo area.

From Maine, good guy to trust at your back. Has a brother named Wade.

Unknown said...

I've been looking for him as well.
I studied martial arts with him. last we talked was about 10 years ago. let me know if you find him. Sherpakirk Myspace

HSA said...

i studied with him in 1985-87 @ a jujitsu dojo in provo, would be interested in finding him. that list of where he has list blows my mind, I assumed he settled down with Christie in SLC.