Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pictures, free copies of book, etc.

Back about '93 or '94 is when I joined up with USA&M and this publicity photo was taken. I've been involved with mediation since the mid-80s, but got serious about it in the '90s. I was certified with USA&M after Jessica died, but before Courtney died. This picture was taken after I certified with them.

Then I gained a lot of weight and this picture was taken here in Dallas at a Christmas party in 2005 -- after I'd lost about twenty pounds on the SLD.

Then, after I'd lost about 63 pounds, this picture was taken:

Finally, this is me at 65 pounds lost and just finished with vacation (where I grew a beard).

My wife likes my beard and reading glasses look (I'm wearing a work-out shirt, I'd just done three miles in this photo, but it is one that I have). You get older, you realize that you aren't going to get any younger or any better looking (though on the SLD you can get thinner).

Anyway, for anyone who is interested in how the diet has worked for me, these are some reference pictures to go with my story.

What is strange, the "fat" picture is one where I thought I really looked good and that it hid the weight ... and in the promotional picture I'm not that much younger than I am now. I just seem to have lost all the color in my hair while I was in the midst of my family getting smaller. The beautiful blond in the picture is my wife, who actually looks better than that.

I just encountered some more people this week who know me, but haven't seen me in a while and who did not recognize me. It was fun.

Hope these answer the questions people have had.

If you have questions about the diet, which doesn't cost anything, has no membership fees and you can do without buying the book, go here:
Shangri-la Diet Information. For the newsletter I did on mediation from 1997 to this week, try Mediation On-Line. A Mediation Newsletter. Final Issue 2006. If you are interested in a review copy of the book about the diet I'm on -- they are giving away copies to bloggers with the information here: Message from Seth's editor.

I wish you well and all the success in the world.


annegb said...

I like the beard, too.

I gained 10 lbs. on the cruise and another 5 when I came home and all my clothes are way tight.

I'm considering exercise.

Unknown said...

You look nice.

Very simple, for a diet!! I actually don't like the word, 'diet', as it has too much baggage. 'health regime' is better, IMO... sounds like this has been good to you.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, u look handsome now!

I always wonder how extra pound change your appearance & face.

it's not just look but for health we should stay thin. I am 4lbs lighter in 6 days on Shangari La. Hope one day I will post same before after photos.