Saturday, March 11, 2006

Just because things are known to be true doesn't mean we believe them. That recently came in focus when Naiah posted at FMH. Kindness, patience, grace: everyone knows them to be true principles. Yet, the trolls were out in force, trying to deface what was the brightest post I've read this year.

Too bad the trolls did not have either faith in the truth or the strength to embrace kindness, patience and grace.

Even worse, the trolls are sick enough that they do not feel shame and remorse for being trolls. Without recognition, they are unlikely to acknowledge their wrongs or their weakness, face their mistake and weakness, and in facing those, turn to God.

It is weakness, not strength, that binds us together and to God. We have weaknesses that they may become a source of strength to us (cf Ether 12). It is hard to remember that sometimes, and harder, still, to believe the things we know to be true and to let God in our lives.

Yes, I'm aware of Naiah's weaknesses (after all, her various blogs document them). Yes, I know that trolls are people too.

But, read her post, skip the comments, and may this week give you kindness, patience and grace.

As Naiah says:
I look forward to the stillness, the unperturbed stillness. It is an anchor, a point of sanity in a world gone awry. Eternal truth in all its depth and breadth and height is there as plainly manifest as the sun shining on me now.

From the very first of my return, (detailed here) I have known I was working my way back to the temple. I am almost there. I can’t wait. I can feel it in my veins… “Home. Welcome. Welcome Home. Time to let it go. Beat. Beat. Beat. Breathe. Beat. On and on.”

No matter how lost, no matter how much pain, may you be able to believe the things you know to be true and may you all find your way home.


Anonymous said...

I do not go to Feminist Mormon Housewives much. I think this is kind of interesting to relate as I usually get to Piebolar's blog by first going to M*, which is in my favorites, then to Ethesis, and then to her blog on the side panel. I have said some really personal things on her blog so it is not like I want an easy link for my family to get to it though they know I read there. I do not think they are savvy enough to know how to bring it up though. Any how, ethesis was so slow in coming up and not linking to Piebolar right so I knew there was a linke at Feminist Mormon's housewives so I went to M* and clicked on that blog. Now if the blog on temples had not been so visible, I may not have read it. I am so glad that I had the opportunity. I have wanted to get back to the temple so bad in years past. I have only been to the temple a few times so my wanting to get there more has to do with my desire for doing the work of my ancestors and service to others that by proxy. I have felt a peace there, but have not much peace in other places in my life as well. I do believe that I would feel the peace that was near constant to me again if I could qualify to go back to the temple. I used to think about going to the temple and doing the work with my ancestors with almost my every thought of the day. And yet, my desire was not enough as I have severe problems that paralyze me. It would seem such an easy thing to go to Church each Sunday. For me, it was as I usually did not miss hardly a Sunday in a years time. Now, going to Church is so hard for me due to my personal problems. Wanting something so bad was not enough, so my desire no longer burns as strongly in my heart. I still have the goal though and I hope to be able to have the doors open to make it possible for me. I am so happy when I hear of those who overcome the obstacle. On one of the few Sundays that I have made it to Church in recent years there was such a Sister speaking. She did not want to go to the open house of our Temple in Omaha. She wanted to wait until she was invited by proving worthy. And she did become worthy. Thank you for that fine article at that blog. It speaks to me. I cheer you on!

Stephen said...


Thanks for your post. I'm glad you were able to read Naiah's post and that it spoke to you.

God bless you and give you joy and peace.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Stephen for your kind words!

Anonymous said...

I had somewhat the same experience. I stopped going to the temple after I divorced my first husband and did not get support from the bishop. I stopped going to church. Later, after my second husband died, I wanted to do his temple work so I knew I had to make a choice and this time I had to stay with it. I went to the temple once a month. It was uncomfortable at first so I spent hours, days and months studying until it became a connection with the past and the future. I think the most healing thing in my life was hearing the initiatory blessings. I sorrow for those who make no place for ritual in their lives. It is active meditation that walks you through the hard spots in life when you cannot seem to propel yourself. It is always there, always true to itself yet always open to new insight. We have so few anchors in this world anymore. I value the temple because it brings out the mystical in a world of hard reality. I hope that these trolls will find something that might provide the same for them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, your words resonate with me. I hope that you continue to be blessed.

Anonymous said...

It was very unfortunate that Naiah's lovely post generated such ugly comments.

:::waves at barb:::

Barb, I think your comment was one Naiah would have rejoiced to read =)

Anonymous said...

I realized that there was a not inserted in a place in my initial post above Stephen's comments where it should not have been. I will take the opportunity now to share my testimony. I have not shared my testimony in Fast and Testimony meeting for years so I am happy for the opportunity. I think this is an appropriape place. Here is my testimony. I am a convert to the Church. I was confirmed in another faith of my youth. While I had spiritual experiences in the faith of my youth that I still hold dear, I did not experience a change when I received the gift of the Holy Ghost as I did when someone who I believe had the Priesthood authority of God laid their hands on my head in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I had a lot of problems in my high school years and early college years that made me afraid of failure and thereby afraid of life in general for many reasons. I started feeling the influence of the Holy Spirit a lot as I was studying with the missionaries. I believe that would of left me as the influence of the Holy Spirit does not stay with us in the same way as when we are worthy and have received the actual Gift of the Holy Spirit. After receiving the gift, I had a new hope in my life and felt the peace of the Holy Spirit so often. There were extremely difficult home circumstances that I will not relate that were so hard for me. Yet, I knew so much happiness. Before my mission, I began to feel the Holy Spirit in almost almost overwhelming way at times. I really felt I was meant to go on my mission and was being prepared. I felt so in dedt to Heavenly Father as I felt His all consuming love that I could never repay. I have only been to the temple a few times, and have experienced a peace there. I do believe that my level of spirituality would be so much better if I could attend there as well as Church services. As it is, I do not feel the Holy Spirit much these days probably because I do not make it to Church much. I live the standards of the Church. I did read the Book of Mormon as challenged and felt the Holy Spirit really growing stronger in my life with the approach of the new year. I also really felt the Holy Spirit witness to me as I watched the 200th Anniversary of Joseph Smith on this computer. I have had the Holy Spirit really testify to me different times in my life about the truth of the Restoration. What is more, I have gained an even stronger testimony of Jesus Christ as my Reedemer from the Holy Spirit. I am going to try to write a blog about this in the near future on my personal blog that tells about my testimony of Jesus. I am sharing here though how blessed I have been. I do not feel that I kept with the momentum of the blessings at the start of the year and when I heard the 200th. I hope that I have not failed to go through another door back to activity. At one time though, I held little hope that I could even make it back to our Father in Heaven. Due to many hours with a kind Bishop, I have much more belief that this is possible and that I can get my temple recommend back. And I do believe that I will know the peace again that I did when the Holy Ghost was with me so much before my problems got out of control and I became inactive. I love God and know he loves me. I love Gordon B. Hinckley and belive he speaks for God. I believe the Book of Mormon and the Bible are both the word of God. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Anonymous said...

Tea, thank you! I really need to learn how to make the / above the the e! It is good to see you here and at Piebolar!

annegb said...

Yeah, Naiah's a class act.

I've found myself avoiding FMH, as well, there just seems to be a general negative, prurient tone.

No matter where I've been in my life, the temple has been an oasis for me.