Sunday, December 11, 2005

The diet is working. I'm amazed at how differently I think and feel about

The sixteen pounds I've lost in about thirty days are a nice side effect,
but what has been very interesting are the mental changes.

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[Update: I lost sixteen pounds the first thirty days, then ten pounds the second thirty, and four-five pounds the third thirty days. I'm now losing about a pound a week, which fits with the total calories that I'm eating. I no longer feel like I'm on a diet, what I eat is just the food I eat normally and I'm happy with it. I'm also in an OA group, which has really helped me deal with the emotions that eating was submerging. It got me through the holidays and the memories of my three dead children.]

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NFlanders said...

That looks like an odd diet. Do you really drink spoonfuls of oil and sugar-water?

Very interesting.

Lisa M. said...


lochan said...

Congratulations! That's impressive.

Stephen said...

A twelve-step program also often helps people.

A free link to a free manual put out by the LDS Church is at:

Stephen said...

What is amazing about it all is that it requires no willpower, little in the way of special foods (I spent four-five dollars on a large container of extra light olive oil at SAMS or COSTCO -- and made it back the first week in reduced food budget) or efforts.

I've never had a diet work so easily or so effortlessly. I'm headed toward completing four months and I'm very pleased, I can understand why some people have just made this as a transition for life.

Stephen said...


I still have the cookies and candy in the pantry and see them all the time, but rarely reach for them. Before I was a slave to my sweet tooth, now I just wave them by.

This is exactly the kind of mental change I've noticed.

Just had pizza for dinner. Had one slice, no breadsticks.

I'm happy, I'll drink some water. At the movies, I may eat two kernals of popcorn, and I'll be finished with it. It is amazing. The sanity is almost as good as the weight loss.

I'm buying several copies of the book when it comes out for friends and such, and I'm going to encourage Seth to put up a paypal button so I can just send him the face amount of a book or two to say thank you. I'm hoping others will as well.

Stephen said...

hmm, they updated the url on the common posting area, and look likely to do so again (since it contains the end month in the url).


Used to be:

I'll have to decide what to do about that link going bad everysooften.

Tigersue said...

Very interesting approach. My sister would take spoonfuls of coconut oil, perhaps not completely tasteless in what they are promoting, but I think the fats help with suppressing the appetite. As apposed to carbs that trigger it. Hope it continues to work well for you!