Sunday, October 17, 2004

I really enjoy the human drama at -- the author, a nameless celibate PhD student at what I hope is a top tier program, writes with immediacy and passion about her life. She has hardships I can only guess at, her life surely seems harder, all in all, than mine, though I was celibate (in the sense she means it) until I was married at age 29.

Reading her blog makes me love my children and my wife all the more. I'll try not to let this theme dominate my blog, but I love my wife with all my heart, in many real ways, she is my life, and our children too.


Clark Goble said...

Being single in the church certainly can be hard. I didn't marry until 36 and I still recall all the stress and various personal failings it ended up engendering.

SleeplessINPDX said...'s very hard to be single in the church...I think the hardest part is all the ladies in the ward telling you who you look cute with...and trying to hook you up...