Sunday, December 03, 2006

December Morning ...

Memories haunt me in December. Intensely sometimes, not at others, all the more so with a six-year-old in my life again. With any luck, this December will pass and the echoes will pass with it.

I often save things to read for times like this. One thing I saved was an oral history of Philip M. Flammer, a professor I dearly enjoyed when I was younger. It did not fail me, and I really enjoyed it (you can too, as a call to BYU can get you a photocopy of Richard Poll's interview of Philip Flammer in the Joint Oral History Project).

I'd still like to find him (I got the history trying to find him through BYU just after he retired) to tell him just how much I appreciate things he taught me that stayed with me through my life.

Even in this December.


Stephen said...

If anyone has contact information for Dr. Flammer, let me know.


Belladonna said...

I can relate. I lost both my parents in December...the same week (although they had divorced earlier and lived in separate towns..hadn't spoken in 5 years yet died within days of each other, just a week before Christmas. Both were still young (one at aged 53 and the other at 55) and both deaths were entirely unexpected.

Then we lost our 25 yr old daughter whose birthday was in December.

Even though my parents' deaths were over 15 yrs ago and Stacy died in 2000 - the poinsettias, the music, the cookies, the lights all bring it back.

For me Christmas is indeed a bittersweet time.