Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Patricia A. McKillip, reprise


I just read her Alphabet of Thorns -- just when I really needed a book of that sort. It brought me joy.

So I decided to look for more about her on-line. Found things that Google didn't provide me before, such as the link above.

Alphabet of Thorn
Alphabet of Thorn by Patricia A. McKillip (Hardcover - Feb 3, 2004) - Bargain Price
Used & new from $6.99
In Stock

Is what Amazon had to say. I'm afraid I paid about that for a trade paperback,
but I'm glad

If there are books that have helped you or given you comfort when you needed it, please mention them in the comments.


Lisa said...

I liked the book, "God in the Dark: through Grief and Beyond" By Luci Shaw. For some reason it spoke to me.

I also found comfort in "One Tattered Angel" By Blaine Yorgason.

I have actually been working with a clinition to help create a ... sylibis of sorts, for parents who have children who are severly (or not so severly ) disabled.

It seems like there is a lot of guilt and greif and pain and heartache, that gets swept under the carpet for parents of these sweet kiddos. One Tatered Angel, somewhat addressed that. Not really but in a way.

I have been most amazed through the last five years at the differet aspects of grief. The ache I feel for the loss of my child, is different in the way I ache in regards to the loss of my father and my sister. Having Ethan and associating some of the emotions that has come with his situation have yet been another peice to grief.

What always takes me by surprise is that I go through the day... feeling okay and then one little thing... and *snap* I am back to the bottom... and the crawl out is so incredible for me (sometimes)

Blogging has helped. A ton. I really enjoy your blog, and I am grateful for it.

hyperjoy7 said...

McKillip, Patricia. The Riddle-Master Trilogy (The Riddle-Master of Hed; Heir of Sea and Fire; Harpist in the Wind).

McKinley, Robin. The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword.

Williams, Tad. Tailchaser's Song.

Marks, Laurie J. Fire Logic and Earth Logic. (And the rest of this series is still in progress...)

chronicler said...

One of my favorite books to help myself over a hurdle is Stretching Lessons by Sue Bender. It takes you through her journey and starts you on your own. It is an easy read, so to speak, as you can read parts and set it down to ponder its exercises, and then move on to additional growth at your leisure.

I also enjoyed Sheri Dew's No Doubt About It. It is frank and simple reading, but I enjoy her writing style and it does help place perspective when I seem to be in the trees.

I have always enjoyed Victor Frankl. His Man's Search for Meaning, being the world's and my, favorite. Drawn from the depths of hell, he shares his insight in keeping yourself in check when in your darkest hours.