Sunday, December 17, 2006

Only girl in the chess tournament, youngest too.

Rachel went to her first chess tournament. She was the only first grader from her school, the only girl at the tournament. Small, just three schools teams (I think, may have been four), Swiss style tournament. She came in sixth place and her team took first place.

I'm pleased as punch, to use the old saying, and it was a great day. I had to skip a test for Judo, but Rachel is more important. I'll have next year, but this was her only chance to be the only six year old in a chess tournament, her first, and to bring home a trophy (different trophies for sixth through first place).


Lisa M. said...

That is about as NEAT as it gets.

Way to go, my young friend!

Barb said...

Wow! A game of strategy at such a young age! Sixth place at age six!

J Weighty said...

Very nice. My oldest is five, and I think he's about ready for chess. Any advice on how to get him started? I'm a long-lapsed player, and was always lousy anyway, so I'm a little leery of teaching him bad chess.

Téa said...

Congrats Rachel, that is fabulous!

Our children have attended a chess club at the public library, j, so I can just reinforce what the teacher demonstrates later. It helped my game too!