Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Seasons of the heart, emotions and time

Christmas season brings up such a flow of emotion in almost everyone. The vitality of emotion also causes everything driven by emotion to surface, as well as emotions. Grief, joy, love, sorrow, gratitude and resentment all rise on the same tide.

At the same time, in grief, there are separate seasons of the heart, driven by events, by memories, by anniversaries and by the passage of time. Sometimes they coincide with the physical seasons and the ebb and flow of holidays. That is especially true in my life.

I find that if I allow everything to rise, to flow through me and into me and to become a part of me (which it already is), then I am me for the season, and can encompass the joy of it along with the sorrow, the sweet as well as the bitter. To be one makes me whole.

May you be whole this season, healed by the light that is in Christ.


The said...

I just went through a painful anniversary-- it seems that sometimes they are the last remnant of the original intense feelings one experienced with a traumatic event.

I hope that, this Christmas you can find the joy and peace that you described. And that your memories are mostly very sweet.

The said...

Sorry. The is me.

nosurfgirl. I do that all the time. LOL

Stephen said...

You know, I did not expect that I'd wake up with a child who had strep throat and find that a good thing.

Rachel was sick from about the middle of the night, flu-like symptoms ...

But, it wasn't a cold, it wasn't the flu, it was only strep. She is on medication, approved to return to school tomorrow.

Back to positive memories ..

Anonymous said...

I can hardly make it through the season anymore. I hope someday, to be where you are, and I am glad to know it is possible.

I try. I try for my children who are still here, and I try to be grateful for the blessings I have. I try to feel the spirt, I try to celebrate the realness of the season.

Lisa @ Lisa's Ramblings, for some reason it won't let me enter my password!
But I choke. I swallow hard. I try to remember to breath.

It's very hard.

Stephen said...


I know it is so hard, but the other children are worth it and eventually there is peace.

I do wish you the best.