Friday, March 09, 2007

Taking the short plane ...

I never heard any "short bus" jokes as a kid, I must have been about forty the first time I heard one, so they don't seem funny to me, but going to Florida, Continental changed planes on us, and we ended up on the "short plane" (meaning that the seats we had reserved on our boarding passes didn't exist). They told us to just take other seats.

Well, that was fine, except on coming back, they told us that our tickets were not valid since we hadn't flown all of the legs on the flight out. Automatic, computer enforced penalties. I wasn't amused, and after they got that fixed (since they had a record of our luggage going, etc.) we made our flight with five minutes to spare. I was told that next time that happened, to make the flight crew reissue the tickets (which is what they were supposed to do).

On the other hand, the rest of the trip went rather well. We saw a timeshare presentation (more at but they seem like a very, very bad deal). Now I know what they are offering.
Last time we were at Disneyworld it was with Jessica and Heather (Courtney stayed with a babysitter -- she was too little). But we had a good time; and, eventually made it safely home. Where the power was fixed (as we left, the power was out in half the house due to some problem on the utility company end. Luckily we had gotten up on our own, as the alarms were all on the lines that went out).


NoSurfGirl said...

holy cow. That's a crazy long spam comment.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed disneyworld despite difficult memories.

Beureaucracy is one thing that can make me lose my temper really fast. Just reading your post got my ire up.

Glad it worked out for you, though.

Barb said...

Five minutes to spare----It is amazing you caught your flight.

Disney!! I book hotel reservations very frequently for people going to Disneyland or Disneyworld.

My mom wanted to take us children, but we never had the change to go growing up.

My sister went to Orlando with a Basketball team and was supposed to go to Disney, but the coach put them in another tournament. She finally made it for the first time a few years ago. It's not just for children as there was plenty for her and my brother-in-law to do. They didn't see Mickey at all during their stay. There should be a money back refund for that lol. Well, I am very talkative so I better see if I can make the rounds to some of the other blogs. I sure hope Annegb has a new post... :) I already checked Sara's... It is like you all are neighbors as I generally check you out around the same time. I better see what Téa is up to as well. :)

Lisa M. said...

I always like visiting here.

I am glad it worked out for you.

The short plane. It made me smile.

annegb said...

I love Disneyland, Bill and I are going to go just the two of us one of these days. Then we can go in the little shops.