Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So, I'm half the man I used to be ...

Or at least that is the normal joke at Church. If you want more on the diet I used to lose the last seventy-two pounds, you can use the diet information link or read
Another Shangri-la Diet article

I'm just grateful it isn't my mind that shrunk this time.

Shangri-la Diet Information for more if you have any questions. Or ask me. How many diets don't require buying special food or making major life changes? Even better, the on-line information lets you try the diet before you buy the book (if ever).


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen,
I hv followed your blog on SLD. I so happy for you success on your quest to loose weight.
But I have not been lucky. I started on 15th July 2006 on SLD, tried various kind of oil, ELOO, carnola, virgin coconut oil as well as sugared water. Nothing much happen instead I have put on weight. Read the book. Check out all the links, read about other people success. Where do I go wrong...pls help - sari

Stephen said...


I tried to post a reply, it crashed, and so I've put up a new post to answer your questions.

Hope these help you.

Bottom line is react and change slower, not faster.

Anonymous said...

Seventy two pounds! Wow. That's amazing. Kudos to you. Mrs. B.