Monday, September 04, 2006


Ok, here is a photo.

Like everyone else, I love my kids and am proud of them. Tournament winning shooter, that's my daughter.

Too bad BYU doesn't have a Judo club any more, she had just started with that and was really enjoying it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, she sure looks sharp! Are the tournaments local/regional or associated with BYU?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a photo. You know me on my blog, I love pictures. Off to BYU, that is just great. I wish her well.

Stephen said...

BYU has only an ROTC rifle team, and Heather wasn't interested in going to Iraq, so she has given it up for a while.

The tournaments were all over Texas.

Thanks for the comments and good wishes.

Stephen said...

You will note that rifle is sized for a 6'6" guy.

She shot top half in tournaments for three years before some shooters from West Point were out and asked to give them some pointers.

They thought Heather was punking them shooting like that (top half varsity quality shooting) with the rifle.

Lots of embarrassing moments ensued when they discovered not.

Thereafter with a properly sized rifle she reliably medaled at tournaments.