Saturday, January 05, 2008

Baptism this Saturday, small miracles.

Rachel is getting baptized this Saturday.

It has been a long time since we've had a child live long enough to be baptized. Kind of like her last milestone before we can go back to trying to live normally.

Strange how there are such hidden things in our lives, with such meaning.

In grief there are two kinds of milestones involving children, both hard to understand.

As Jessica's friends were baptized, had bat mitzvahs, went to college, got married and went through other life stages, there was such bitter-sweet sorrow in her not being there, not doing the same things. At the same time, there is comfort in the fact that life is going on and such joy to see her friends doing well. By all means I was much happier to see the events than if I had missed them.

The other is as children reach the ages that siblings died at, it is as if a heavy weight is lifted each time. Jessica so wanted to be baptized. To see Rachel go through that event was so sweet, as if she had finally begun to live, while at the same time it was one of the first kind of milestones as well.

Life is so many small miracles, so much joy, so much perspective. I am glad of it.


BrianJ said...

Beautiful message. I was helping my 6-yr old daughter prepare a talk for primary today. We discussed the meaning of being "born again" and having a new life through Jesus. Thanks for your perspective on the symbolism.

Anonymous said...

Seeing peers go on to achieve milestones would be so bittersweet.

Milestones are so important in our lives. When I was in second grade at Catholic School, my first Confession and First Communions were what we prepared for that year. And my mom added to my excitement by getting me new everything for the day. She always made a big deal about things like that and made birthdays special by letting us pick out what we wanted such as ice cream.

I am very happy for Rachel as she has entered the waters of baptism. From what I have read about her on your blog, she is sweet and wonderful girl. -Barb