Sunday, January 06, 2008

Honest Kindness

This was the High Priest's message part of our ward's newsletter for January, 2008
One of the challenges of attempting to be like Christ is to find touchstones or guidance that works in day-to-day life. In finding specifics, I had it suggested to me that whenever I wondered if I was being Christlike, I should ask myself if I was being honest and if I was being kind.

Rather than general terms, I was told to ask myself if I was being gentle, pleasant and truthful. If I had doubts about the answer being yes, I needed to rethink what I was doing. If the answer made me feel angry, annoyed or resentful, I really needed to rethink what I was about to do.

I've just begun to try using the test, but it seems to guide me towards being more like Christ whenever I look to see if what I am doing is honest and kind and when if I ask the questions of myself about whether I am being honest and kind I feel good about myself rather than feeling hard thoughts about others.

May the new year help each of us find the grace and guidance that God has for us.


Keri said...

This is a great message. Thank you for posting it.

Anonymous said...

That is a good way to put things into perspective. I thought up a little saying recently that I will put here in hopes that it is relevant enough to the topic. Or even if it is not, I decided to share at any rate. "May all who dwell within our walls feel of our love most of all." I sometimes feel like people outside of my family get the best of me. My parents certainly gent the brunt of all that is bad about my disorder as I don't like to even tell other people my problems at work or at Church most of the time. And my parents are the only ones I am irritable around. I think the only person outside of my family that I have ever been rude to that I have a friendship with is the man that I had a serious crush on for about the last three years and still do at present. He is single still unless he got married without my knowing. I love him more than any man that I have known and yet I treated him the worst of all at times. Maybe it is good that I am single if I am that immature. I was never like that with any men that I dated before. And I did not even date this man--just exchanged emails. Well, I am rambling--I know. Thank you again for a reminder to be kind. I shared with friends your message a year or more ago about how being kind kind help a person endure to the end.--Barb