Monday, April 02, 2007

My Dad and the Jack Mormon

So, my Dad is out mowing his lawn with his electric mower (brought it with him from California) and a neighbor stops. She can't believe a man in his seventies with Parkinson's is mowing a lawn. (Neither does his doctor, though the doctor told my Mom to keep him at it as long as possible, as it was good for him to keep up function).

Next thing you know, she is mowing the lawn for him and telling him about how she was a Mormon when she was in Utah as a kid, but has left the Church as an adult (and how much she appreciates all the improvements made to my parents' house since they moved in).

Great conversation, my Mom has finally decided that maybe she will relent and go with the lawn service after all. They'll find exercise some other way, one that doesn't get strange women stopping and mowing the lawn.

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Lisa M. said...


Very funny.

Electric Lawn Mower. We had one, when I was a youngster. I um, ran over the cord with the mower. I wouldn't suggest that by the by.

Anywho. My Mom was recently diagnosed with Parkinsons & Liver Cancer.

It is hard to see your folks age, and certainly when they have these challenges.

It's great, your Dad is still mowing the lawn. And hysterical, the people we meet on our journey.