Saturday, April 07, 2007

Global Warming Snow Flurries in Texas

We are having snow flurries in honor of global warming today. Nature has a sharp sense of irony. At least it is staying warm enough that the snow doesn't stick.

Also, Rachel's surgery went well. I'm not sure exactly what to do with a first grader who tested between kindergarden and fourteenth grade, depending on the area, but we are working on it. I was the same at her age, but my two years in school were the worst in my life (I had teachers who actively pushed the entire class to do no better than low "C" quality work). I want something far different for Rachel.

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Barb said...

We had a few flurries the other day, which is not too uncommon for Nebraska. I recall taking a class in Intro to Earth Science and Environmental Science where the variants of the temperatures were discussed to the point where they said that no current trend showed any proof of global warning given the shifts of the past. That was about a decade ago.

I am glad Rachel is doing well.

I do hope she enjoys her school experience. I was not "gifted" as far as I know. I think school can become boring for those who it comes so easily.

I read online that there are important things to help such a child such as helping them to have opportunities to fulfill those areas where their gifts are. They need to feel validated that their gifts are positive and can do good in society. Some cultures to do not appreciate certain gifts such as being artists. Other gifts are not seen as being of value to a certain gender such as a woman being a scholar.

I do think it is important to have a chance to be a child too. Children can be off the charts intelligent while still having the emotional needs and security needs of a child.