Friday, April 27, 2007

4:20 a.m. Super Shuttle is late, there is a phone call

... and it is Yellow Cab on the line. They will be picking Win up instead (she is flying out to drive Heather home). Oh, they know we've pre-paid Super Shuttle, but we will need to have the full price of the cab fare, in cash, in five minutes for the pick-up. Can't get to an ATM and back in time, sorry.

Super Shuttle is called. Yes, they've passed us on to Yellow Cab. But, not to worry, they will re-imburse us the difference, once we've submitted the receipts. Not, mind you, the full fare we pay. They will keep the advance payment, and we have to pay the same amount to the cab company, but anything more than that, they will, eventually, repay us. No ATM close enough (who carries cash anymore? If I don't have it, I don't spend it) ... sorry, they've sold our seat to someone else and can't pick us up, and sorry about confirming with us the night before, they really didn't mean for us to trust them.

So, bundle the seven-year-old in the truck, drive Win out to DFW, listen to the seven-year-old cry all the way home and then cry herself to sleep, catch a nap, and then get ready to drive to Waco and back myself today for a hearing.

According to Yellow Cab, this isn't the first time. Sigh.


Ann said...

Sounds like time to put on your lawyer hat.


Patrick O No said...

Its time to do something since so many people have bad experences.